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Differential protection


986 busbar differential protection relay

986 busbar differential protection relay

The 986 busbar differential protection relay is suitable for the 110KV and the following various voltage levels of a single bus、Single parent segment、 duplicate-busbar and section switch or the Bus circuit breaker and the bus of various main connection modes of the bypass circuit breaker,The bus allowed no more than 20 components and lines to connect(which included the bus-couple),the 986 Microcomputer busbar differential protection relay is based on the DSP(main Frequency reach to 100M)and the Dual CPU hardware platform of 32 single chip,High precision A/D ensures the measurement accuracy.
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      986 busbar differential protection  device using the whole panel, back-insert type chassis,Strong and weak electricity completely separated,Multilayer printed circuit board technology, strong anti-interference ability,the device has friendly man-machine interface, large screen liquid crystal display which can display a wiring diagram in real-time and the operation status of the device and protection action information.


protection function

    Busbar differential protection

    busbar connected dead zone protection

    busbar failure protection

   Busbar charge protection

   busbar over current protection

   Line failure protection

   PT line-break 


functional characteristics  

       Using the total current differential criterion with ratio braking characteristic to achieve fast busbar differential protection

Strong anti-TA saturability:When the system is in the area of fault, the protection then rapidly exit,Unaffected by TA saturation,TA saturation out of the area is fault, the protection is reliable and non maloperation.

When the system has the cascading failures or the failure become serious,the device also can protect .

      Automatic tracking, identification of dual bus operating mode.

In order to prevent the internal fault of the main transformer, the composite voltage element may not start,Which leads to the failure of the line protection,The corresponding lines can be set to the main variable branch by switching the control words,The circuit failure protection is not protected by the compound voltage lockout. 

       For all kinds of the running state of the system, we can ensure the reliable and safe operation of the bus, In the conditions of double bus (single bus section) operation mode, such as a section of PT maintenance can use the 986 bus differential protection device of the open contact point PT2, PT1 will exit the operation of the PT voltage cut to the intact PT No special requirements on the main characteristics of TA. The main TA ratio is inconsistent, the user can set the settlement on the spot

Chinese LCD display, menu operation, you can conveniently view the unbalanced current running state

To configure the Chinese printer, to facilitate the printing of fixed value reports, sampling reports, self inspection reports and failure reports.

Self inspection report and trouble report.(Matching)

The front of the cabinet is provided with a main wiring diagram of the simulation system, and the operation mode is clear at a glance. 

The whole panel, the back plug-in chassis structure type, strong and weak electricity completely separated

Multilayer printed circuit board technology, strong anti-interference ability. 

Debugging is simple, maintenance is convenient


 communication mode 


Ethernet communication,Optical fiber communication.

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