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Industry dynamics


Application of relay protection in life


     With the continuous opening of the electricity market,The competition in relay protection industry , like sailing against the current,move forward , or you 'll fall behind.JiBaonanrui  Constantly improve their own management, production, R & D, service to build a domestic first-class service team, provide you with a better quality of microcomputer protection products,especially the more abundant produce line,we will provide you with the 110KV and the below voltage level of the power automation solutions.  
     Since the development of relay protection device,great changes have taken place in the power industry about half a century!the Product features are no longer single limited,But more and more functional,universal.In the past you must communicated with the manufacturer when choose a product that has the function you need,Then the manufacturer produce it.And now you choose the product you needed ,the manufacturer will provide you with the necessary products.
     Today the industry changes over ,the relay protection is widely used and also in constant change,appeared in all our life.It changes from simple to intelligent and single to a comprehensive, big to small,Widely used in our production and life.when it's getting dark,The lights of the street lamps lit up quietly;The temperature in the room turns high, the air conditioning automatic cooling it;Press a button in the hands,the bus automaticly  locked and unlocked;Press the button on the elevator to know which floor.....all these are the relay protection makes a difference.all the time,it is changing our lives.
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