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The importance of relay protection in electric power system


     The microcomputer protection device exists in the power system by the way of  two equipments,Generally installed in the switch cabinet and the screen cabinet. there are equipped with different types of microcomputer protection devices for different voltage levels, different power plant models,whose use has insteaded  of the traditional relay protection,When the line or power failure, you can accurately determine the analysis, and timely response, tripping or alarm, to avoid  unnecessary losses by the failure.

Basic principles of relay protection
   Normal circumstances, the related electrical quantity of the protected object is connected with the microcomputer protection,the protection will take the measures to deal with by the judgment of the change of the electric quantity before and after the changes. Usually there will be a significant change in the current and voltage when the fault occur,as following:1、Current increases.For lines or electrical equipment,under the circumstance of two-stage or three stage occurs short circuit,The current value is transient and will be much larger than the current value under the normal load.2、when the short circuit occurs in inter phase or grounding ,The voltage value of each point of the system will be decreased,especially when it is closer to the short circuit point, the lower the value of the voltage.3、The phase angle between the voltage and the current is changed.4、Frequency change 
Several features of microcomputer protection
      Safety, reliability, sensitivity, selectivity, quick action.these features are vital to the microcomputer protection device.but at present market,the development of the microcomputer protection is far mature,the users tend to be interested in the cost-effective.more closely to said that they consider the investment and operation and maintenance costs of the microcomputer based protection.
      The microcomputer protection device is a very important electrical equipment,which ensure  the safe and stable operation of power system.For the electric power system, it is common to have a power accident,maybe the equipment is damaged.more serious,it endangered the lives and property of the masses of the people.For the development of the booming China ,the stability of electricity virtually guaranteed the steady development of China's economy.The function of microcomputer protection device is to ensure the normal operation of power
 equipment,When the fault occurs ,deal it in time, the power related personnel find the fault in time, and then deal with the fault.that will decrease the degree of the  fault in the shortest processing time,and power supply recovery in the shortest time.therefore,the process of the Production and the operation should be pay attention to.strict control from the choose of the Components and parts and the factory,Every link can not be careless.ensuring the quality of every machine is the duty of every protector.
      In the debugging process,operate carefully by the manual and other related data,no mistake,no blind operation,it is prohibit for some people who can not do the Electrical commissioning and do not ask for the related people,Problem solving in time,so the ability can improve.safe is first and then obey the rules.
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