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Industry dynamics


analysis the future development trend of the relay protection


        Recently,National Bureau of Statistics announced the latest data,by November 2015,the purchasing manager index(PMI) of the manufacturing industry in China is 49.6%,fall after rise 0.2% than last month,but the PMI of the High-tech manufacturing and the Equipment manufacturing industry keep the growth all the time.though the good overall situation,the relay protection of small and medium enterprises still develope relatively difficult.
        According to the personage inside course of study analysis,the main reason of the PMI of the manufacturing industry fall is following:firstly the influence of the low spirits market demand at home and abroad and the production low season,secondly,the recently persistent low turbulence of the plenty of commodity prices;thirdly,face with the pressure of the economic,the activities of the cooperate procurement have slowed,Replenishing inventory is shortage. 
        The data presented,though the PMI of the manufacturing industry fall after rise,With the adjustment of manufacturing structure in our country continue to advance,November the PMI of high-tech manufacturing  and the equipment manufacturing industry is respectively 53.1% and 51.6%,Continue to maintain growth while China's protection industry as a high-tech manufacturing industry is also maintained a rising ,the reason that the growth of the relay protection even though in the less optimistic environment of the manufacturing industry development cannot be success without business strategy,In the first three quarters of 2015 and the favorable conditions of policy of the relay protection,constantly adjust the direction of development and  open up a broader market,among with them the China World Trade Center weiertai acquisition of assets, achieved business diversification.Welltech hold jibaonanrui ITC 55% of the shares, also make full use of jibaonanrui trade overseas channel, open up overseas markets, forming double relay manufacturing and international trade owners, have made to the development of relaying protection.
        《Research Report on the development and investment potential of China's components industry in 2015-2020》had showed,when When the manufacturing industry is on the rising,The contribution of enterprises is the highest but also some disobey the principle.PMI of the medium and small enterprises is respectively 48.3% and 44.8%,Respectively, down 0.4 and 1.8 percentage points.The development of enterprises is in the contraction range, especially in the manufacturing industry, the difficulties and problems in the production and operation are still outstanding.For example, the relay protection industry enterprises show where the problem lies. some microcomputer integrated protection enterprise has very far sighted in the market layout,But in the acquisition of the interests of the changes, led to the development of Nanjing Yu can Instrument Co., Ltd. in the development of the difficulties, there have been workers to ask for wages. 
        The difficult in the development of the Protection of small and medium enterprises has always been a common market,This is the topic of a commonplace talk of an old scholar.But why has it been in such a situation? the reason is more and more complex, one of the main reasons is the funding problem, medium-sized and small enterprises  have no the abundant capital as the large-lot producer, they have difficult in the financing,which made the development of enterprises said of an aged person.And the times are changing, small and medium enterprises in the previous project has not been fully realized, the market has emerged a new way of development.and then,Small and medium-sized enterprises in a common state,there is no competition for large enterprises,the protection of small and medium-sized enterprises has been stagnant.Even if the policy is introduced,mostly around the transformation and development of small and medium enterprises,however,The historical problems left over by the small and medium enterprises in the line protection have not been thoroughly resolved.under the condition of the market development ,capital and self conditions,Protection of small and medium enterprises in the transformation and development is difficult,But small and medium enterprises must meet the protection of the relay, the siege, only the development can reach the top.
        The great development of the industry is not just a part of the factors that contributed to  all together formed. In the development of small and medium enterprises struggling, large enterprises need to their leaders, pull them out, walking in the way, effort for the development of the industry .
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