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Will the intelligent power station replace the conventional power station?


      The substation is important in the power system,It plays a very important role in the transmission of electrical energy.when relay protection has just started until 2000,the conventional power station is mainly power station in china. At present,the state grid mainly implement the intelligent power station.State Grid  determine the first batch of national pilot smart power plant project in August 2009,Intelligent power plants in the state grid power station is very common until today,But in the user station and some thermal power, and photo-voltaic power plant, the smart power plant is rare.many people forecast that intelligent power station will replace conventional power plant,I will talk about my own views on this issue.
      The conventional power station is the most common power plant we have seen at the usual time,Microcomputer protection, switch cabinet, circuit breaker, transformer and so on are all conventional.The analog and switching capacity of the transmission are used in the second line cable.And the use of smart power plant equipment is also corresponding to the smart devices, the use of the provisions of the statute is also the international statute of 61850. 
      In contrast,intelligent of the intelligent power plant  is relatively high,From this view the superiority of intelligent power plant is still relatively high.But it is not realistic that build the power plant in a short time in China's power market.For the state grid power station, they must be responsible for the cuntry’s fund. then use intelligent equipment and high stability.But for ordinary stations, especially for those switching station factories of the power plant, the intelligent requirements is not very high.who requires the computer protection, the stability of a device and the safe operation.And in contrast to the cost of smart power plants than conventional power plants,it is much higher in the installation of the use of optical fiber, the use of the two line is very rare,it is also more difficult in maintenance and repair in power station,So it looks more trouble.
      Not only that, intelligent power plant cost is relatively high, at present the factories who can do intelligent power station, with good and well reputation is not many in China.Even if there will be more manufacturers produce intelligent microcomputer but it also need a relatively long process. In view of this, conventional power station in the power system will continue to exist for a long period of time, it should be not easily replaced.
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