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The photovoltaic power will become the main battleground in the electric power industry during


         In recent years, along with the country played high attention to the electric power industry,the power generation system with high energy consumption headed by fire power has gradually withdrawn from the stage of history .Since 2010,the clean energy headed by garbage power and photovoltaic power has begun to enter the stage of history quickly.Under the national promotion and enticement of high profits sustainable development with clean energy, the photovoltaic power has got a fast development. With the rapid development of 13th Five-Year plan, The photovoltaic power will become the main battleground in the electric power industry! Let us analyze the reasons in details:

         1. The national support.With the rapid development of global industry,some irrational development modes have a bad effect on earth's environment. As the biggest developing country,the environment is more serious relatively, which makes the nation pay more attention to it, while the electricity as the impulsion of economic development has become  more important. Compared with conventional thermal power, the greatest advantages of photovoltaic is environment,low energy consumption, sustainable and better repeated utilization, which one consistent with the National Sustainable Development Strategies.
         2.High rate of return on investment. the 1W in photovoltaic power invests 10 yuan,1000W invests 1000 yuan.which makes you earn your capital about eight years ,but the life of photovoltaic power station is around twenty years ,and then you will get a return of 2.5 times. So more and more entrepreneurs have sawn the business opportunity and gushed into photovoltaic industry. Besides,the capital market's involvement provides a capital protection for development of photovoltaic industry,meanwhile which offers the necessary condition.
         3.Chinese technology is enough to support the development of this field. Althoughthe photovoltaic needs high requirement in all respects, the major equipment conclude line protection,transformer protection and associated settings,in addition,it needs some software systems,such as power prediction system and integrated automatic system ,until now, china is leading in electric power automation technology ,and it is also enough to support the development of this field.
         4.Bad macro environment and saturated traditional industry. Whether it is switch gear industry or protection relay t industry,some firms have found it is hard to do this project in the last two years,there are two main reasons for it, one is the bad macro environment, coupled with the increase of the efforts to fight corruption,a lot of electric power distribution project can not be taken,that 13th Five-Year plan,and also allows more entrepreneurs in the traditional power industry pay attation to this field, bring  power to the development of industry.
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