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why is the price of the Generator protection unit so expensive

         Generator protection relay usually used for high and low pressure turbine generator units, the protection and control of the steam turbine unit, compared to the ordinary microcomputer protection relay, has very big differences,whatever in technical, functions, or requirements, compared with the ordinary protection relay requirements are much more complex. Therefore, the overall price of generator microcomputer protection relay to much higher than ordinary microcomputer protection price, here we come to the market price of the detailed analysis about the why the price of the generator protection is so high

       1、 on the technical requirements, because the protection of the generator and a magnetic field generating units must work together, work environment is relatively bad. And ordinary microcomputer protection relay working environment are generally ground substation, operation environment is generally not of protection relay of energy will not cause too much impact, and starting from the whole, generator protection relay work, design, aging, sampling is always and ordinary microcomputer protective relay to a lot of difficult, so protection relay for generator than ordinary protection relay expensive is taken for granted.
    2、Protection function: current and voltage is generally most used in ordinary microcomputer protective relay commonly, in the check and inspection are relatively simple, and generator protection and monitoring relay to distribution use loss of excitation protection, rotor grounding protection, stator sending and receiving protection, especially loss of excitation protection and rotor grounding protection, the protection principle and common protection are very different, the difficulty is much higher, this is destined to the generator microcomputer protection than ordinary protection requirements are much higher.
       3、The measuring function: in the measurement, ordinary microcomputer protection relay generally only need measuring three-phase current, three-phase voltage, active and reactive power on the line and generator protection relay also need to measure the excitation current and excitation voltage, people may ask, both of which have what different, I answer, both are not a concept, specific circumstances, you can to the staff of our company to ask for instructions to understand!
    Compared to the general, the generator microcomputer protection and ordinary microcomputer protection relay, regardless of function or on the measurement, or in the technology research and development, much more complex than the ordinary microcomputer protective relay, products in the choice of hardware cost should be much higher. Therefore, protection relay for generator microcomputer protection relay price than ordinary to high, is inevitable.
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