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customers of Pakistan visit our company


   The Spring Festival has just passed, the company ushered distinguished guest from afar---Mr. Jon and his business partners in Pakistan. 
   Pakistan(Malay Language:Pakistan)is one of the countries in Southeast Asia,Independence in August 31, 1957.Pakistan is a federal system composed of thirteen states and three federal territories,Area of 329847 square kilometers,The capital city of Kuala lumpur,The political centre is located in the city of cloth.Pakistan is one of the founding members of the association of Southeast Asian nations in May 31, 1974, and China formally established diplomatic relations.BHD where the Jon work was founded in 2005,Main engage in electrical equipment and electrical automation components,whose business expand to Southeast Asia, including Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand and Brunei and other regions. 
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   The Ma manager and Amy enthusiastically received the party of Jon.The customer first asked to visit our factory,Under the leadership of the chief engineer Li Gong, they have visited our production workshop and testing workshop.In the high pressure experimentation area, Li Gong also introduced and made the related test for the products that customer's interested :Generator rotor grounding protection device、Generator differential protection device、Busbar differential protection、Low frequency and low voltage solution column device、Main transformer protection device、Line optical fiber differential protection device.Customers showed their  interested in our products, and also put forward some of their own requirements,such as add a protective cover on the outer box of the equipment to prevent the corrosion of sea water;The accuracy of the microprocessor protection can t be done more high and the  function of GPS synchronization;Dielectric loss voltage level can be extended and so on.Amy records the customer's questions one by one and will further communicate with customers,Strive to meet all customer’s requirements.Customer are satisfied with our service attitude,And shows that the hope to build a long-term relationship with us.
     We sincerely treat every friend from afar whatever home and abroad.we pay high attention to the question and suggestion that put forward by all of you,and we must try our best to solve it. with excellent product quality, first-class customer service of the JiBaonanrui will win more customers whatever at home or abroad.
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