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the company won the bid for several millions project of Mourinho Suonuoyi mining ltd.


       Recently,we Successful bid the millions projects in Congo,this movement  marks a pioneering step in the field of power system relay protection,Also add a new vitality and hope for the company


       For this project of Congo relay protection,we will actively form an outstanding project team, carefully do a good job search in the preliminary investigation of the background and actively choose protection technology, to ensure that the project can effectively complete the protection of the base of the project.The project has the wide area of power facilities protection, complex protection of the power system , high technical requirements of the relay protection techniques.The protection technology used in the combination of a variety of single protection technology.One of the highlights of the negotiation process is the cooperation of the project bidding party Mourinho Suonuoyi mining Ltd.And a large number of our company's protection devices has been came into use such as line protection relay, capacitor protection relay, bus protection relay, PT parallel protection, reactor protection relay, PT parallel protection, DCS system and other products.Successful bid of the project, means that the group has made a breakthrough in the field of relay protection, lay a solid foundation for the further development of the field as well.

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