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Generator protection


9688C Generator integrated protection unit

9688C Generator integrated protection unit

The 988C Generator protection unit The main used for hydro generator capacity whose voltage is not more than 1000KW and the turbine generator capacity is not more than 3000KW of generator protection,it is a set of Practical generator protection unit that set the function of differential protection, grounding protection and generator protection in one ,The protection unit not only has complete protection function and accurate and reliable sampling, but also has 485 communication, Ethernet communication, optical fiber communication and other communication interface.It is the best choice for small capacity generating units!
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        If you need the protection of large capacity generator sets, we can choose our company's 9698 generator differential protection, 989 generator protection, 988 generator backup protection to form a complete generator  protection.

function of 9688C generator protection unit:

    differential time delay  current instantaneous trip protection    

    Proportional differential protection

    CT line break Locking ratio differential protection

    delayed CT line break

    Compound voltage lockout I, II over current protection  

    overload protection      

    Over voltage protection      


voltage protection  

    Stator ground zero sequence over current

    Stator ground zero sequence voltage

    Frequency is too low

    Frequency is too high

    Non electricity protection- 

    Water / thermal accident-Tripping operation

    Excitation accident trip

    Electric accident trip


function of 9688C generator measurement and control   protection unit:

    Bus voltage:Uab、Ubc、Uca;Ua、Ub、Uc

    Protection current:IA、IB、IC;Ia、Ib、Ic

    measuring current  :Ia、Ic

    power :P、Q、cosФ

    frequency :f


Auxiliary function of  9688C generator protection unit:

    Control circuit line break

    manual switching on and off 

    remote control switching on and off    

    Fault recording


Communication mode of 9688C generator protection unit:

    485 communication

    Ethernet communication

    Optical fiber communication


Technical parameters of 9688C generator protection unit

1).unit rating:

    alternating-current  :  5A or 1A

    AC voltage:  100V or 100/V 

    working voltage:  AC/DC 85V to 265V

    Frequency:  50Hz

    Wave form:  sine,Waveform distortion is not greater than 2%

    Ripple factor:  Not more than 3%


2).unit power consumption:

    AC current loop:In=5A Each phase is not more than 0.5VA,   In=1A Each phase is not more than 0.3VA

    AC voltage loop: each phase is not more than 0.5VA

    DC power circuit: the normal work, not more than 10W; protection action, not more than 30W.


3).Measuring element precision:

    error of graduation:Not more than ±1%

    Temperature variation:In the working environment temperature range, not more than 2%

    composite error  :Not greater than + 3%

    measuring current  :0.2 grade

    Bus voltage:0.2 grade

    Frequency: 0.01HZ


    Communication resolution:Not more than 1ms

    Communication rate:300N(N =1/2/4/8/16/32/64)  is adjustable      

    GPS time synchronization accuracy: less than 1ms


4) .Environmental conditions for 9688C generator protection relay:


    Normal operating temperature range:-30℃~+60℃,Limiting operating temperature range:-40℃~+70℃

    storage temperature  :-40℃~+70℃

    relative humidity:Not more than 95%, no condensation

    Earthquake intensity:8

    horizontal acceleration  :0.2g

    Vertical acceleration:0.2g

    atmospheric pressure:60Kpa ~ 110Kpa 

    Protection level:≥IP32 level

    sea level:4000m


5) .Protection, measuring range:

    measuring current  :0.1In~1.2In;

    Protection current:0.1In~20In;

    zero-sequence current :0.1In~20In




6).Setting range and error:

    Current setting range:0.01In ~20In, error <±2%

    Voltage setting range:0 ~120V     error<±2%

    Setting step:0.01In

    Time setting range:0 ~100S, error <±2%

    Setting step:0.01S


7). contact rating  :

    Tripping and closing coil outlet:0.5 to 5A adaptive

    exit of tripping and switching on:DC220V   5A

    Maximum relay outlet:10A

    Signal exit:DC220V   5A

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