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     The company provides OEM services.This mode of cooperation is mainly suitable for the partners who want to do their own brand,we can redesign the brand for the partner, including your company's model, brand, screen printing, LOGO, product interface display, etc.which Can effectively help you enhance the company's brand image,At the same time, we will provide you with technical support, and strictly abide by the confidentiality agreement,as to after sales is the same right to ours we are the best partner for OEM user!

OEM Cooperation process:
     1、Determine OEM cooperation matters.OEM users need to prepare all relevant  documents according to the requirements in,including  the company seal cross by my company to review and confirmation and then discuss cooperation matters.    
     2、Signed OEM cooperation contract.the contract shall be sign according to the arranged before.the contract will be signed once a year and in duplicate、Party A and Party B hold one copy.
     3、Production and management:After the signing of the contract,Our company will produce product according to the specified quantity of the following business, If there are other special requirements in the production process, the two sides need to consult with each other to resolve!
OEM service
     1、After the signing of the contract,we can revise the Product specifications, drawings, product catalogue freely     
     2、The company provides free technical training services.
     3,We provide free technical support for OEM users with the same after-sales rights.,If necessary, we can provide door - to - door service,
Cooperation provisions:
     1、All users shall not be less than 500 years the number of OEM ,The purchase amount of protection relays for power systems and related comprehensive automation system shall not be less than 300 thousand RMB.
     2、Both sides must adhere to the principles of friendship, mutual benefit ,All projects must be carried out under the premise of not violating the relevant laws and Party A and Party B shall not be out of law in any form, any excuse or illegal operation.    
      3、We have the right to terminate the cooperation with the partners that did not meet the above requirements.
        Welcome all walks of life to meet the requirements of the user calls to negotiate: 13655813785 Blame sincere not faze
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