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The principle and effect of the auto reclosure

 one、the introduction of the auto reclosure 

    The auto reclosure is a kind of auto-device that the breaker which breaks due to the fault that needs to be used automatically .
Second, the basic requirements of automatic reclosing
         1, the action quickly
         2, does not allow arbitrary multiple reclosing
         3, should be able to automatically reset 
         4, manual tripping should not reclosing
         5, manual switching and fault lines do not reclosing
three、the style of the starting of the auto reclosure
     1、Incorrect starting method:the non-correspondence style of the position of the  control switch of the breaker and the actual position of the breaker.that is the reclosure start when the control switch lies in the position of reclosur and actually the breaker break.,once the operational personnel made the breaker trip by manual operation,the position of the control switch is coincident with the breaker,then the reclosure will not start.
     2、the way of Protection starting 
four、the classification of the auto reclosure
     1、the auto reclosure can be classified into the line reclosure ,transformer reclosing and generatrix reclosure according to the difference of the power element that the  switch control of the reclosure switch on or switch off.
     2、the auto reclosure can be classified into the multiple reclosure and the single reclosure according to the times of the reclosuring breaker continuously trip
     3、the auto reclosure can be classified into the :Single phase reclosure、Three phase reclosure and the Comprehensive reclosure
five、the effect of the auto reclosure
     1、due to the transient fault,it can recovery the power supply rapidly and improve the reliable of power supply
     2、due to the circuit for dual power supply,it can improve the stability of the parallel operation of the system, thereby increasing the transmission capacity of the line.
     3、it can correct the trip by mistake due to the malfunction of the circuit breaker or relay protection
six、shortcoming  of the auto reclosure
     1、 which makes the electric power system shocked and challenged
     2、 which makes the working conditions deteriorate(Because the short circuit current is cut off for two times in a short time.)。
     For the overhead lines or cables of 1KV and the above voltage and the hybrid line of overhead line,As long as it is equipped with a circuit breaker, it should be installed the auto reclosure.
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