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Automatic synchronization device function,classification

 Overview of automatic synchronization devices

              1208 microcomputer automatic quasi-synchronous device for all types of substations, thermal power plants, hydropower stations and the automatic phase of the same period of control, up to support the same period. 1208 computer automatic quasi-synchronization device is equipped with the unit's automatic quasi-synchronous, differential frequency line capture the same period, the same frequency line check the same period, and no pressure closing function. The device can automatically identify the difference frequency line and the same frequency line in the same period during the closing control process. Device configuration RS485 field bus interface, the use of MODBUS communication protocol to achieve the same period of remote control and the whole process of remote monitoring the same period.
Automatic synchronization device characteristics
Automatic synchronization device function
1. The unit is automatically quasi-synchronous
               In the same period of execution, the device automatically sends out the appropriate speed and deceleration according to the frequency of the current side voltage and the frequency of the system side voltage. Pulse; automatically according to the current side voltage and the side of the voltage amplitude and the magnitude of the system side, issued a suitable magnetizing, magnetic reduction pulse. Real-time tracking and real-time tracking to achieve fast and no impact and network.
2. Line capture the same period
               Automatic synchronization device line to capture the same period and the network function can achieve the difference frequency line and close the grid. When the line is caught at the same time, when the voltage difference on both sides, the frequency difference in the set value range, and in the phase difference is zero by the device automatically to achieve rapid impactless and network.
3. Line check the same period
               Automatic synchronous device device line check the same period with the network function to achieve the same frequency line and close the grid. When the phase difference is smaller than the maximum allowable power angle of the setting, it is possible to realize the same time when the phase difference is smaller than the maximum allowable power angle.
4. hand contract period function
               Automatic synchronization device device hand-period function to achieve the same period to check the relay and synchronization table integration function. After the start of the contract period, the device dynamically indicates whether the requirements are met by the "difference" indicator, the "frequency difference" indicator, and the "differential" indicator light. At the same time, observe the 360 ​​° phase difference indicating the phase difference indication, can be in the phase difference to the minimum state of the line closing operation.
5. No pressure closing function
                Automatic synchronous device device No pressure closing method is only used in automatic closing mode. After the implementation of the same request, the device automatically checks whether to meet a side of the pressure, if satisfied to issue a closing order, if the closing is successful, the device to stop the same process. If the device automatically checks to not meet a side of the pressure, the device stops the same process and alarm.
Automatic technology of automatic synchronization device
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