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Principle of the overvoltage protection

        Overvoltage relay is when the voltage value is greater than the action value,the armature is sucked,moving contact closeed,the relay action;when the voltage is lower than the return value when the armature is released,moving contact open,relay return relay device.

       Overvoltage relay(relay) the working principle and characteristics:When the input(such as voltage,current,temperature,ect.) reaches the specified value,so that the control of the output circuit is turned on or off the electrical appliances. Can be divided into electrical quantities(such as current,voltage,frequency,power,ect.) relays and non-electrical quantities(such as temperature,pressure,speed,ect.) relay two categories.With fast action,stable work,long life,small size and so on.Widely used in power protection,automation,sports,remote control,measurement and communication devices.The relay is an electronic control device,it has a control system(also Known as the input circuit) and the control system(also known as the output circuit),usually used in automatic control circuit,it is actually a small current to control the larger A “automatic switch”of the current.So in the circuit plays an automatic adjustment,security protection,conversion circuit and so on.
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