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Problems to be Noticed in the Construction of 110kV Transmission Line

          The company is specialized in secondary protection of power equipment production and research and development of the manufacturers, the power industry has many years of experience, let's talk about 110KV transmission line construction process, which should pay attention to    

In the process of 110kV power transmission line construction, pay attention to the following questions:

          First, before construction, in order to ensure the smooth progress of construction and ensure the quality of construction, equipment and computer integrated protection equipment used in construction must be strictly inspected to ensure that it is in good condition and capable of normal operation.

          Second, when the construction workers need to climb the power line tower during the construction process, they need to obtain the work permit for their insulation test and receive the live operation training and require them to wear the shielding suit during construction.

          Thirdly, it is necessary to pay attention to watch the weather forecast and pay attention to the weather change at any time during the construction period of the tension line protection facilities without power outage to avoid the occurrence of rainy and rainy weather so as to ensure the construction safety.

          Fourthly, when removing the grounding wire after the completion of construction, all workers and construction equipment must be completely removed from the tower, insulators and wires to remove the grounding wire.

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