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Types and Functions of Safety Automatic Control Devices in Power Grids

          (1) Low-frequency, low-voltage disconnecting device: When the regional power is unbalanced and the shortfall is large, the low-frequency low-voltage disconnecting device should be installed in the proper place to ensure that the whole system and the system will not be caused by frequency or voltage collapse Stop the accident, but also to ensure that important users of electricity.

          (2) Oscillation (out-of-step) Disassembler: After stable calculation, the oscillation disarming device is installed on the contact line which may lose its stability. Once the device is stabilized and destroyed, the device automatically jumps off the tie line and loses its stable system and main system Dissolve to calm oscillation.

          (3) Load-shedding device: In order to solve the problem of normal power-receiving in areas with weak linkages with the system, a load-shedding device is installed in the main substations. When the power-receiving area loses contact with the primary system, the device moves to cut off part of the load to ensure that the area Power supply balance, but also can ensure that when a contact line gate, the other contact line but the load.

          (4) Automatic Low-frequency, Low-voltage Load-shedding Device: It is one of the important safety automatic devices in the power system. It automatically cuts off part of the load when the grid power shortage occurs due to power shortage in the power system to prevent the system frequency and voltage Collapse, the system back to normal, to ensure the safe and stable operation of the power grid and the continuous power supply to important users.

          (5) the size of the current switching device: the main control link is set to reverse the negative overload.

          (6) Cutting machine: its role is to ensure that the fault current-carrying components are not seriously overloaded; so that the power grid or partial grid will not be over-freguency and the power is basically balanced to prevent the fire from expanding the accident; to improve the stability limit.

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