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What is the difference between frequency voltage emergency control device and low-frequency low-volt

          Recently, some friends have consulted with me about low-voltage low-voltage disconnecting devices , troubleshooting devices, and low-frequency low-voltage load shedding devices. However, there are always some friends who can not distinguish these devices. Here we will elaborate on the frequency voltage emergency control device What is the difference with the low-frequency low-voltage solution column device?

          Low-frequency low-voltage device is mainly used for anti-column low-frequency, low-voltage anti-column protection, the basic will not involve high-frequency, overvoltage this one, and frequency voltage emergency control device is generally mainly on the frequency, voltage design of a protection, its protection The range includes low-frequency solution (low-week solution), high-frequency solution, low-voltage solution, over-voltage solution.

          The role of low-frequency low voltage de-soldering device: In the power system, when the large power cut may cause a serious imbalance of power supply, resulting in reduced frequency or voltage, such as the use of automatic low-frequency load reduction device (or measure) can not meet the safety requirements , It is necessary to install low-frequency and low-voltage disconnecting devices in some locations so as to ensure safe and stable operation of the segregated local power grid to ensure reliable power supply to important users.

          The frequency voltage emergency control device corresponds to the frequency instability, which is the emergency control measures taken to prevent the power generation of the power grid from occurring when the system frequency continues to be overshoot when the load is seriously unbalanced. As a result, a certain load (at low frequency) or power generation Frequency) is cut off, so as to promote the whole network to achieve a basic rebalancing of power, the system frequency gradually restored to a reasonable range; its operation object is generally set across the entire network low-frequency load shedding, high-frequency cutting machine and other devices; voltage emergency Control corresponds to the voltage instability, mainly by the end of the grid in order to avoid the voltage drop continued to take the load control and other measures by reducing the end of the system load level by the end of the grid voltage to maintain, to avoid voltage instability; the voltage stability is generally Local problems, so its operation is generally subject to the local grid load.

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