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Three winding transformer protection

          Three-winding transformer is generally required with three laps main transformer differential protection , the main transformer high backup protection, main transformer backup protection, the main transformer low backup protection, especially in the over-voltage protection requirements of the higher three-winding transformer with high, Low-voltage three windings, if the lightning strikes high-voltage side of their operation intruded by lightning waves, will be passed through the electrostatic coupling and electromagnetic induction to the low-voltage winding over-voltage transmission. In the high and medium voltage winding operation, when the low voltage winding is open, the low capacitance of the low voltage winding has a small value to the ground, and the electrostatic induction voltage component on the winding can reach a higher value, thus endangering the insulation of the low voltage winding and limiting the harm of overvoltage , Low-voltage windings are required to be installed in the export arrester protection.

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          During transformer operation, if there is an asymmetrical ground fault in the system or a non-full-phase operation of the circuit breaker and the zero-sequence voltage occurs, the voltage will be transmitted to the low-voltage winding through capacitive coupling. Because of this voltage with frequency over-voltage characteristics, the same will endanger the safety of low-voltage winding insulation. To this end, in addition to the use of circuit breakers with good performance over the same period, usually on the transformer low-voltage side bus bridge to install three Y. Wound capacitors are used to increase the capacitance of the low-voltage side to ground, which can effectively absorb and reduce the over-voltage amplitude and steepness, thereby protecting the over-voltage.

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