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Advantages and disadvantages of universal microcomputer protection device

          Universal microprocessor-based protection device, simply put, is a device with all the features required by the general microprocessor relay protection , with a protection device can also be used for incoming cabinet, outlet cabinet, transformer cabinet, electric cabinet and other cabinets, Now let's talk about the advantages and disadvantages of the universal microcomputer protection device in detail.

Universal microcomputer protection device advantages: 

          1, easy selection. General-purpose microcomputer protection device is very comprehensive, the same device can be used for different cabinets, product selection is very convenient, what kind of protection would you like to take the line, the designer in the selection, a system diagram only the same Kind of model can, give the designer a certain amount of convenience. 

          2, the project operation is more convenient. Universal computer protection device, a model that can meet all the different types of cabinets, the project operations, better coordination, project models and conventional low-cost models are also easier to distinguish, to facilitate project operation. 

          3, test report, you can save costs. Industry personnel all know that the integrated automation system manufacturers generally do national projects require Cape detection reports, a series of non-universal protection devices may have multiple models, also need to do more than one model test report, and general-purpose microcomputer Protection device is very good to avoid this problem, which can save costs for enterprises, but also eliminates a lot of complicated testing links.

General-purpose microcomputer protection device Disadvantages: 

          1, stereotyped, unprofessional. For example, take into the line protection device ; this protection is professional for the protection of the incoming line cabinet, in line protection function this one certainly do more professional, and general-purpose microcomputer protection device is stereotyped, just a Device function is very comprehensive, to meet the function of incoming protection, but into the line protection in this area, not so professional. 

          2, the operating speed will be relatively slow. General-purpose microcomputer protection devices and non-universal microcomputer protection devices, the software programs are stored in the CPU memory inside, then relatively speaking, general-purpose microcomputer protection device program memory must be much larger, take the computer, Computer systems put more applications, the computer will slow down, universal microcomputer protection device is the truth. 

          3, the extra protection does not have access, resulting in system interference and resource chaos. General-purpose microcomputer protection device is more complex, although a protection may meet all the relay protection, but a cabinet, only need that kind of protection, to take into line protection, only need to enter the line protection function OK , Other redundant protection functions do not have access, resulting in a waste of resources, but there must be some interference between systems.

          To sum up: The company believes that: simple projects that require less use of general-purpose microcomputer protection device, this is relatively easy, if important projects, or use professional protection is better, so that the system will be more stable and more Reliable, more secure.

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