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Differential protection needs to pay attention to the problem

          In the transmission line we use the differential protection , to consider how the remote current to him over. While in the differential transformer protection , although the distance between his ends is very close, but the voltage levels on both sides are not the same; Second, the differential protection is through a ferromagnetic component, which has a reverse magnetic current, the current on both sides of him Theoretically not exactly the same big. In the transmission line protection of choice, we often have to consider the above problems.

          In generator protection, when we use differential protection, it is very difficult to install the current transformer if we want to take out the current of each molecular winding inside the neutral point. This time he would try to install the transformer, bus differential protection device selection is not fully current differential.

          In the high and low voltage power distribution system, there are generally about 20 out of the current all through a device to go inside the synthesis comparison, as many as 40 dozens of outlet, this in the actual operation need to be very cautious. If a wire is not wired, the transformer may explode while it is running. If the wiring is reversed, this protection may malfunction. Bus due to the introduction of the current loop more, so the bus protection of the reliability requirements are very high. If the bus occurred misoperation, the harm is very large!

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