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Gas relay working principle and calibration

Gas relay is the main transformer protection , installed in the tubing under the transformer oil pillow. 

          Light gas is mainly reflected in the operation or minor faults from the gas decomposition of gas into the gas relay, the gas pressure so that the oil surface down, the relay cup with the oil falling open, light gas reed contacts connected to send a signal, when the light gas When the gas is too high, gas can be released by gas relay gas nozzle. 

          Heavy gas is mainly reflected in the severe internal faults in the transformer (in particular, turn short circuit and other transformer protection can not quickly move the fault) generated by the strong gas to promote oil flow impact baffle, baffle magnet attracts heavy gas reed contact The contact is on and tripped. I Bureau with gas relays sub-load gas relays, tubing radius is generally 50mm or 80mm, body gas relay, the tubing radius of 80mm.

Transformer main protection.jpg

Main transformer non-power protection device (gas relay best alternative)

Gas test 

1, light gas test 

          Gas relay on the experimental stage fixed (the arrow on the relay points to the oil pillow), open the upper part of the experimental valve from the stomata under the test bed until the relay is completely filled with oil to close the valve, put Flat test bench, open the valve to observe where the oil level down to the gradual opening of light gas contact conduction, light gas station I Bureau of the general value of 250mm -350mm, if the light gas does not meet the requirements, you can adjust the weight behind the open cup Hammer changes the balance of the beaker to meet the demand.

2, heavy gas test (flow test) 

          From the test bed stomatal gas into the relay completely filled with oil inside the closed valve, flat test bench, open the test table power meter, select the gauge on the gas aperture gear, measurement Select the "flow", and then continue to enter the gas, observe the meter shows the flow rate value is set to stop, quickly open the valve, the oil flow should be able to promote the baffle heavy gas contact conduction. Heavy gas value is generally 1.0-1.2m / s, if the heavy gas does not meet the requirements, you can adjust the pointer spring to change the strength of the baffle to meet the demand.

3, airtight test

          Above method will be filled with oil after the internal valve is closed, flat test bench, the meter measurement method selected in the "pressure", into the gas, the value of the pressure gauge observed by the meter to 0.25MPa, to maintain The pressure of 40 minutes, check the surface of the heel of the relay for oil seepage.

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