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What products are selected for overcurrent protection

          At present, in addition to coal mines in our country, there are many high-voltage cabinet of the motor plant. The secondary protection of the start-up cabinet generally adopts the traditional electromagnetic overcurrent relay , which is used to realize the quick break and overcurrent protection of the protected object. With the national team energy-saving emission reduction proposed, the old electromagnetic relays are high resource consumables, has been banned the production! And because the old electromagnetic overcurrent relay energy consumption, low accuracy, prone to mechanical stuck phenomenon, in the event of a protective trip circuit breaker is disconnected, the staff must be downhole or on-site manual operation to resume operation. This will waste a lot of manpower, reduce the production efficiency, and bring security risks to underground staff. In order to meet the needs of the power supply system, followed by the static over-current relay was born, he to some extent make up for the lack of traditional electromagnetic current relays, but can not communicate, inconvenient operation and maintenance and management.

          With the development of software technology, our company utilizes the 94X series microcomputer protection device based on software technology to develop. It has three sections of over-current protection function, and uses it as over-current protection to make your over-current protection more stable and safer. Reliable, and 94X microcomputer protection device has the following characteristics: 

          1, the core protection function for non-directional three-stage overcurrent protection (fast break, over current, overload) zero sequence current protection (leakage protection), the use of this function instead of equipment Old-fashioned electromagnetic induction over-current relay, to meet the protection requirements, and high precision, more reliable action. 

          2, with a different circuit to adapt to the switching current control loop, the circuit in the circuit breaker to maintain and close the relay, the use of this circuit can be achieved on the breaker trip control. In addition, this control loop has local remote switching interface, which can be easily switched and locked remotely. 

          3, with the voltage and current measurement capabilities, and calculate the effective power, real-time frequency, integral power and other information, these messages can be uploaded through the device communication port PC, remote monitoring. 

          4, with 10 open into the volume, of which 4 for general shake signal, the scene can be collected switch status, the status of series reactor and other information. These messages can also be uploaded through the communication port of PC protection device to realize remote monitoring. 

          5, with a standard RS485 communication interface, the interface can be used with the host computer (on-site or cushion layer) to communicate, to achieve the device to collect analog information and switch information upload (shake letter, far), but also Achieve remote manipulation and setting changes and other tasks (shake letter, far-reaching). 

          6, the use of fully enclosed metal chassis, has a strong anti-static, engaged in electromagnetic interference, anti-mechanical vibration capability, suitable for installation in harsh environment switchgear. Meet underground transformation requirements. 

          7, has excellent anti-jamming performance, passed the national requirements of the anti-jamming test. To ensure that under no circumstances will not move and refuse to move.

          8, the use of surface-mount technology, the important devices are used well-known enterprises at home and abroad mature products, to ensure that no more than 100,000 hours device failure time. 

          9, using large-screen LCD, Chinese display. Easy to manipulate tuning. In line with people's habits. 

          The product has passed the national relay protection and automation equipment Quality Surveillance Test Center full performance test. Passed the ISO9001, CE certification, welcome new and old customers come to buy.

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