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What should the controller do in the normal shutdown of the generator?

          Monitor call to tone, the county transferred to apply for plans to shut down, the controller received notice to untie the generator, first of all to minimize the load, work to zero, the same period counter generator control switch to the sub-bit, off Magnetic, FMK sub-gate, generator de-solition is completed, the squad reported to tone, county transfer generator has been dissolved. Notification of step-down station and kiln central power generation Jie Jie stop. 

          After the generator is disconnected , the central controller first checks whether 505 follows the stop or not. When the engine is not tripped, the engine speed is about 2950 rpm. At this time, the engine should be stopped by the engine to the scene.

After receiving the turbine shut down notice, the controller must first check:

          1, high-pressure auxiliary pump whether the speed is lower than 2700 automatically activated, if the high-pressure auxiliary pump does not automatically start need to manually start. 

          2, observe whether the hydraulic pressure is greater than 0.9Mpa, if the oil pressure is low or manually start failure must start the AC accident pump, to ensure the lubrication system normal supply pressure above 0.15Mpa. 

          3, observe the drum level and drum pressure, high pressure drum can not exceed 1.55Mpa If the pressure continues to rise should open the air exhaust, low pressure drum shall not exceed 0.27Mpa. Water level shall not be higher than 150mm If the water level can not be controlled, the water level is too high should open the drum emergency water discharge electric valve water. 

          4, notify the boiler workers, steam mechanics open the hydrophobic (open in the end). At the same time notify the rotary kiln boiler exit. Stop circulating pool fan. 

          5, Turbine speed 2700 after the closure of water suction aspirator. Automatic gas valve handwheel reset. 

          6, turn off the gas seal when the speed reaches 600. 

          7, keep the vacuum, speed to zero vacuum to zero, if necessary, open the vacuum damage to destroy the vacuum door. 

          8, speed to zero attention to remind steam mechanic in a timely manner into the gear unit. Circulating water pump to maintain a normal work. Exit the air cooler. 

          9, after the observation disk drive back to the tank temperature is less than 45 ℃ after stopping the high-pressure pump and oil cooler, start AC accident pump. The best way: first to lift the AC accident pump and DC pump chain open AC accident pump, and then into the chain. 

          10, the exhaust chamber temperature is below 50 ℃ to stop circulating pump. 

          11, the coiling device running continuously for 60 hours (winter), 60 hours later changed to 180 ° every 6 hours, more than 108 hours changed to 180 ° every 24 hours, after more than 156 hours changed to a week 180 ° to 2-4 hours before starting up.

Boiler operation:

          When the main kiln head public overheating main steam temperature is lower than 300 ℃, the AQC furnace bypass valve opens to 100% when the inlet air temperature of AQC furnace is below 310 ℃, the inlet and outlet valves close to 0 and the kiln head is closed Ash system, the main steam pipe fully open drain, SP bypass valve shut down to 100%. Import and export shut down to 0 After the retreat furnace, the shock device in accordance with the layer by layer from top to bottom down, each interval of 3 minutes, shut off after the shock hit the kiln ash system, and check the ash pipe open situation.

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