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Automatic reclosing principle, the role

First, the reclosure profile

          Automatic reclosing device is a kind of automatic device which will be automatically put into the circuit breaker after the jump due to the fault.

Second, the basic requirements of automatic reclosing

          1, rapid action 

          2, does not allow any multiple coincidence 

          3, the action should be able to automatically return to 

          4, manual tripping should not coincide 

          5, manual closing and fault lines do not coincide

Third, the automatic reclosing start mode

          1, does not correspond to the starting mode: the position of the circuit breaker control switch and the actual position of the circuit breaker does not correspond to the starting method. That is, when the control switch is in the closing position and the circuit breaker is actually in the disconnected position, the reclosure is started; and when the operator manually operates to trip the circuit breaker, the position of the control switch and the circuit breaker corresponds to the coincidence Brake can not start. 

          2, to protect the starting method.

Fourth, the automatic reclosing classification:

          1, according to the reclosing control circuit breaker turned on or off the different power components can be divided into: line reclosing, transformer reclosing and bus reclosing. 

          2, according to the reclosing control circuit breaker continuous tripping times can be divided into: multiple reclosing and reclosing. 

          3, according to the different reclosing control circuit breaker phase can be divided into: single-phase reclosing, three-phase reclosing, and comprehensive reclosing.

Fifth, the role of automatic reclosing

          1, for instantaneous failure, power can be quickly restored, which can improve the reliability of power supply. 

          2, on the bilateral power lines, can increase the stability of parallel operation of the system, thereby enhancing the transmission capacity of the line. 

          3, can be corrected due to circuit breaker or relay malfunction caused by false tripping.

Sixth, auto-reclosing shortcomings

          1, so that the power system once again by the impact of failure; 

          2, the working conditions of the circuit breaker deterioration (because in a short period of time to cut off short-circuit current twice). 

          1KV and above voltage overhead lines or cables and overhead lines on the mixed line, as long as equipped with circuit breakers, the general should be equipped with automatic reclosing.

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