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What is king of configuration software, configuration software prices

What is the configuration software

          Configuration generally refers to an open source electrical monitoring software, it is a professional for the acquisition and control of electrical parameters, is to provide users with rapid construction of industrial automation control system monitoring, a common level of software tools.

Kingview software introduction

          Kingview software is a sub-control technology according to the current development trend of automation technology, low-end automation market and applications, in order to achieve the goal of enterprise integration developed a set of products.

Kingview features:

          1, It has the advantages of adaptability, openness, easy to expand, economy, short development cycle. 

          2, usually such a system can be divided into the control layer, monitoring layer, the management of the three levels. 

          3, the control layer connected to the control layer, the connection to the management, it not only to achieve real-time monitoring and control of the scene, and in the automatic control system to complete the upload, configuration and development of the important role. 

          4, in particular, consider three issues: the screen, data, animation. 

          5, through the monitoring system requirements and the realization of functional analysis, the use of Kingview on the monitoring system design. 

          6, Kingview software also provides testers with a visual monitoring screen, is conducive to the experimenter on-site monitoring. 

          7, it can make full use of Windows graphics editing functions, easy to form a monitoring screen, and animated display of control equipment status, with alarm windows, real-time trend curves, etc., can easily generate a variety of reports. 

          8, has a wealth of device drivers and flexible configuration, data link function. 

          9, the price is cheap.

Kingview software shortcomings

          1, the software is open source software, the function is too general, and can not meet the requirements of all industrial automation systems. 

          2, the software application is more, a long time, some professionals can understand his principles of operation, may use the program's vulnerability attacks program, so there is no security protection. 

          3, the software we want to normal use, often have to change its communication interface, communication protocol, its compatibility may not meet the national standards.

Configuration software application:

          The configuration software has a wide range of applications and can be applied to many fields such as data acquisition and monitoring control of power system, water supply system, petroleum and chemical industry as well as process control. In the power system and electrified railway, also known as remote system.

          I built: configuration software can be used for some simple, non-network user projects, if it is some of the more important large-scale projects, it is recommended that you still use the large enterprise development of electrical monitoring software more insurance, I produced 900 Computer background monitoring system.

Can be applied to all kinds of large and medium-sized projects, but also cheap, quality assurance!

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