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How to deal with the tripping action of transformer differential protection

          Transformer differential protection device after the operation of the inspection and handling problems is the substation on duty staff should understand the problem, we can make the following study by the substation on duty on the transformer safe operation and protection of a more in-depth understanding and understanding.

Ready to work

          1, wear good labor protection supplies. 

          2, equipment preparation: a 35KV substation; transformer protection device ; transformer measuring device; 8000KVA transformer; 6KV, 35KV main switch on both sides of the switch knife set of a knife 

          3, appliance preparation: 6KV, 35KV electroscope each one; wiring; Transformer protection control chart; record book, pen.


The first item: In accordance with the requirements of the state substation within the protection of the differential protection trip occurs when the main transformer has the following symptoms

          1, siren 

          2, the signal relay is not restored, light word light. 

          3, No. 1 main transformer 35KV side 0031 switch off the red light, green light flash 

          4, 1, 6KV side 0001 switch off the red light, green light flash '

          5, 1, no change in the main transformer meter.

Second: check the protection switch and the switch tripping situation

          1, record the time of fault occurrence 

          2, sub-Gang reverted to the sound

          3, sub-Gang reverted to No. 1 main transformer 35kv side 0031 switch KK handle to the position after the trip 

          4, sub-Gang reverted to No. 1 Change 6kv side 0001 switch KK handle to trip position 

          5, the main, post to the protection of the disk found that No. 1 main transformer differential protection signal relays swap 

          6, the main post to the middle to report fault trip phenomenon, time, instrument changes, tripping Switch protection action 

          7, the main post to the district to report fault tripping phenomenon, time, instrument changes, trip switch protection action 

          8, sub-post reversion signal relay, or manually return to the protective screen signal relay 

          9, check the main transformer high and low voltage Circuit breakers within both sides linked to the operation of equipment 

          10, the detection of high and low voltage switch on both sides of the trip, external short circuit fault. 

          11, check both sides of high and low voltage circuit breaker wiring, current transformer is faulty 

          12, check both sides of high and low voltage switch

Third, the inspection of the transformer body

          1, check the transformer external, casing and lead discharge flashover traces. 

          2, check the transformer casing for dirt, cracks, lead breakage 

          3, check the transformer for serious leakage and fuel injection 

          4, oil color, oil temperature, oil level is normal. 

          5, check the transformer differential protection zone on each side of a device, current transformer leads, wall bushing, etc. There is no fault, check the tap

Fourth: differential protection circuit check

          1, check substation there any other protection action signal 

          2, check the DC circuit power supply voltage is normal 

          3, check the DC power supply system without grounding

Fifth: According to the dispatch order, isolate the fault transformer. 

          1, fill in the correct order under the scheduling of No. 1 main transformer blackout check operation switch ticket. 

          2, the implementation of scheduling orders will be No. 1 main transformer from hot standby to overhaul, the specific operating procedures refer to the implementation of the switching operation ticket

Sixth: record the accident records on duty

          1, the switch fault trip records thin, relay protection and automatic device recording


          1, the fault unclear reasons, non-operational fault of the transformer 

          2, deal with the accident, the reinforcing load operation of the transformer, to monitor the oil temperature to avoid overload operation of the transformer, the transformer operating to ensure the safe operation of the 

          3, check out the differential protection primary device within range Fault phenomenon, to determine the correct action differential protection, differential protection outside the fault and gas protection is not action is a protection action 

          4, DC multi-point grounding and other protection malfunction

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