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Generator active and reactive power

          Electricity sent out by the motor contains both work and reactive power. This state is late phase running, also known as hysteresis. At this point the generator to the power system to send part of the reactive load, in order to meet the needs of the inductive load in the power grid to ensure the stable operation of the power system. If the generator only made meritorious, non-fat, or even absorb reactive system, this state is running in phase, also known as advanced. We know that in the AC circuit, in addition to the active power, there is an essential round-trip switching power, which is reactive power. Reactive power and no actual work. However, the electric energy is transferred from the generator and the transformer to the motor and converted to kinetic energy. During the whole process, the electric energy becomes the magnetic energy, the magnetic energy becomes the electric energy, and the magnetic energy and the electric energy are switched back and forth with the passage of time. This is the reactive power Role.

          In addition, the lack of reactive power, will undermine the stability of the power system operation. The rate factor for the operation of the generator to control the lag operation, the general control of about 0.85, requiring it to deliver reactive power to the system as much as possible; and for electric users, although it is impossible to phase operation, but generally requires about 0.9 , To maximize the power factor (in order to improve the user's power factor, you can also install the camera to phase operation), as little as possible to absorb the system reactive power.

          Generator power factor adjustment method: Increase the excitation current, reduce the power factor, (but note that the rotor current can not exceed the rating); the other hand, the power factor is increased. Power users to improve the power factor method: In the substation installed reactive power compensation device, such as adjusting the camera, capacitor banks and compensation equipment, low-voltage users can use low-voltage capacitors to concentrate or on-site compensation.

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