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Correct treatment of neutral line of small hydropower generator

          In the hydropower station, the terminal voltage 6000V above the high voltage generator, the neutral line is not grounded. Terminal voltage 400V low-voltage generator neutral line is generally not taken seriously, low-voltage generator neutral line processing, power plants generally use the form of direct grounding, in fact, is feasible, but not the best approach.

          Because the neutral of the generator and the neutral of the main transformer are both directly grounded, the current is circulating between the neutral of the generator and the neutral of the main transformer, and the voltage is not very high but it also consumes a certain amount Of the electric power (although from time to time, but the decimal long-term count), in order to send all the electricity generated by the generator through the measurement equipment online.

          Neutral generator should be canceled! If the direct neutral cancellation is not feasible, because there are many secondary devices need to use the generator neutral, such as: excitation, protection, over the same period. A more reasonable approach is: a neutral switch between the neutral line of the generator and the main transformer line switch or circuit breaker, closed before the grid, and pulled off after the grid. You can also use the outlet breaker auxiliary contacts through the contactor to achieve these functions.

          I suggest that the generator neutral and the main transformer neutral line into a 20-32A between the circuit breaker, so the treatment effect is better. This circuit breaker will be closed before power on and connected to the grid. When the neutral current increases to a certain value after the grid connection, the circuit breaker will be automatically disconnected.

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