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Transformer protection


9672C Integrated protection relay for transformer

9672C Integrated protection relay for transformer

9672C is a device that Integrates differential protection and back-up protection for transformer, mainly used to the transformer protection of the voltage classes of 35kV、10kV、6kV, and directly step to 380V. Besides 9672C has the functions of measurement, control, telecontrol and communication, and can not only focus on group screen, but also be scattered in the switch cabinet. 9672C is suitable for medium and small transformer differential protection; the product integrates differential protection and back-up protection.
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         9672C integrated protection measurement and control device for transformer= distribution transformer and differential protection+ distribution transformer and back-up protection. One can be used as two. The transformer supplies in electric power sector and industrial and mining enterprises in general and the transformer is a complete and practical integrated protection.

Protection functions:

        Differential Current instantaneous trip protection

       Percentage differential protection

       CT line-break locking Percentage differential protection    

       Current instantaneous trip protection

       Over current protection 

       Overload Protection   

       Zero-Sequence Over-Current Protection 

       Low voltage protection (Tripping operation) 

        Non-electricity protection  

       Light gas (Alarm)

       Heavy gas (tripping operation)   

       Temperature rise (tripping operation)   

       Excessive temperature (tripping operation)    

       Pressure release (turn on- tripping operation; turn off- alarm)


Measurement functions:

       Busbar voltage : Uab、Ubc、Uca;Ua、Ub、Uc;

       Measuring current : Ia、 Ib、 Ic、

       Power: P Q

       Frequency: f

       Power factor: cosФ


 Control functions:

       Control the circuit break

       Opening and closing of circuit breaker by hand

       Opening and closing of circuit breaker by remote control

       Fault recording


Communication mode

       485 communication

      Ethernet communication

        Fiber-optic communication

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